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goshuushou-sama_ninomiya-kun houjou_reika naked nipples tsukimura_mayu

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I don't think this is a photoshop. Cause in the artbook, she has 2 versions, one the naked version and 2 the un naked version.

If I had my camera, i'd take a picture.
It's on page 33 of the Ninomiya artbook.

I believe bunnygirl has the artbook too now. (2nd confirmation ^^)
This isn't a photoshop. It's from the art book, another confirmation if needed. :P
lol, this is the only image with bare breasts in the entire book. Everything else conforms to the "hide-the-goods" ecchi act.
Dammit i need to buy this book ;_;
syaoran-kun said:
Dammit i need to buy this book ;_;
My amazon.jp wishlist is acutually 19 long, about 5 of these are those out of print and hard to get Magi-Cu's. The only reason I want to get these few are for the pencil boards that comes with it.

I believe it's vol 30, vol 2 and 1 other.

Then you got
  • きらきら暦 みけおうアートワークス (which is the Reki Reki Mikeou artbook or w/e)
  • You cant forget the Megami Creators vol 13
  • 台湾的少女 (which is E2's artbook, I believe this was the one with the Focus on Taiwaness illustrators, with Rei ^^ (only reason for me to even get it))
  • And Lastly is the よしづきくみち画集 ~Calendar Film~ by Yoshizuki Kumichi I do believe.