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Nice Art-work. (Je je Too may tags...)
Find Luigi Where is he? LOL
If you're going to create dozens of tags, please set their types, too...
Set character tags to character, eg. "char:kirby".
Okay, konstargirl, I fixed the tags on the two SSB images for you. Before you go making any posts like this, read . Also, click "tags" at the top, search for the one you want, and then change the type.
Sadly... luigi is outta town...Mario is having a wild house party while hes gone. Poor luigi, his mansion is gonna be in SHAMBLES! (p.s. watch "brawl taunts" on newgrounds and it might enlighten some about peoples view on Luigi [not my view])... i may be wierd for thinking this(not trying to start anything negative) but doesnt Joseph Stalin look like luigi a lil bit? LOL
petopeto said:
Set character tags to character, eg. "char:kirby".
One more metatag I didn't know... maybe we need a better help for the metatag..
You can find the most of the tag type metatags in
Dflowen said:
Find Luigi Where is he? LOL
He's in the pot!!! XD (Oh no! thats sad, yet funny LOL)
Looks like Luigis hat is in the stew.