ai_(pokemon) aria_(pokemon) ass asuna_(pokemon) azami_(pokemon) azusa_(pokemon) bikini buizel cleavage fleura_(pokemon) haruka_(pokemon) hikari_(pokemon) hinata_(pokemon) hiromi_(pokemon) kanna_(pokemon) kanon_(pokemon) karin_(pokemon) kurumi_(pokemon) kyogre latias latios lila_(pokemon) manaphy megane mii_snowdon miku_(pokemon) mint_(pokemon) mirai_(pokemon) mirei_(pokemon) nagi_(pokemon) nozomi_(pokemon) pikachu pokemon pokemon_ranger_(character) prim_(pokemon) snowdon_me soara swimsuits takeshi_(pokemon) tsutsuji_(pokemon) uchikido_(pokemon) underboob wallpaper wet wingull

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Somehow I doubt this is official art, and since I love the Pokémon girls, could you tell me where you found it/who the artist is?
World needs more May and Dawn <3
Probably not official art but keep in mind that one of the mangaka's of the pokemon manga actually draws and publish futanari/loli hmangas.
I like some of the female girls on Pokemon. You could always check Danbooru but beware the content there. That's the only place I know that carries a lot of Pokemon art there. This site isn't too keen on Pokemon.

I see my favorite man Brock is in this image.

I don't think anyone want me tagging this image. It's a whole lot...or rather suggest going by either the Japanese or American names.
pokemon girls are just so cute especially when their all waring swim suit!
brock can you ever not do that by flying over a swimsuit all girls party lamo. nice pic
lol the blue pokemon's lovin it brock wishes he was him for the moment
lol Manaphy water gun :) I don't like Dawn's swimsuit. Kind of lame to look exactly like her normal clothes.