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dress tsukinon tsukisome_no_kasa

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Might jsut get the degenki hime December edition just for the goodie poster here ^^
me, too ^^
I have the latest isue (2009 january), but I only keep posters, and other pages thrown away :p
Tsukinon have that seemingly Shinkai look to each of her drawing which I really love. Though as I usually do, Amazon.jp doesn't ship adult product to America and the Degenki Himes are considered adult product so I can't use Amazon.jp for that >.<

I believe Jlist has these Degenki Himes and they have a US store too so I only have to pay like priority shipping which is like 5-7 USD ^^

-Another poster I want from the Hime mags is I think the July or June edition with the Kouno Harumi one. I just love that image too ^^

which is post:17935

gah... now I don't remember the command...

I'll figure it, lol ^^