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Is this you're own scan? If so, would it be possible to rescan it with something like a white sheet of paper behind it to help prevent bleed-through?
Nah its not my scan I just snagged it from animepaper.
Sometimes AP scans can fail even harder than MT scans...
Wow. This is an impressively broad sample of errors:

- an insane level of bleeding (this is probably unsalvagable)
- serious moire (many things can cause this, scanning at too low a DPI is most common; this makes descreening harder)
- no descreening
- bad levelling (a simple auto contrast makes it a lot better)
- inconsistent levelling (the left half doesn't match the right; this happens if you or your scanner driver auto-levels each half separately; this is correctable)
- misalignment (there's a gap between the left and right that's simply been removed, which looks bizarre; if you can't fill in a gap, line them up properly)

I'd delete it, but it's instructional in its own grim fashion ...
Man, sometimes I think I want to scan stuff to upload here, but the time it would take to meet the standards and not get trashed for trying is ridiculous...
Nobody gets trashed for trying. Scans like this get trashed because people *aren't* trying--whoever did this obviously couldn't have cared less about what he was scanning, and that's what gets us a bit irate.

No doubt, this one is a direct, predictable consequence of AP's "forced contribution" silliness, trying to force people to do things they don't want to do. This isn't someone who likes a work, who's scanning it for others to see; this looks a lot more like someone who's putting in zero effort to scan something he doesn't care about, for points on a site.

If you like a work enough to want to scan it properly, and you've done the most basic research on scanning (which anyone lurking on this site has probably done, just by following along--you'll know most of the major pitfalls), then you're not likely to do anything remotely this bad, and we're all happy to help from there.
petopeto said:
I'd delete it, but it's instructional in its own grim fashion ...
Let's leave it as a warning for future generations.