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whats with the erasing man?
It's how Ginta censored the illustrations in the book.
so why do they edit the stuff? what is there goal in mind?
BIGnate said:
so why do they edit the stuff? what is there goal in mind?
It's just a form of Japanese Censorship. Just get over with it. Hentai from Japan = Censorship.
Hey hey hey, no need to get offencive. I'm just new to this stuff, and I was just asking a simple innocent question. So do the Japanese do it just for the hell of it or what?
We do get lots of people complaining about Japanese censorship (Which is why aoie emesai gets a bit moody...)

Have a read of
More like most of the usual Moe posters get a bit moody :P

Well, at least BIGnate asked and understood. He's not Don Possible D:
Wow that stuff is hardcore. I had no idea that Japan was that intence. So that is why there are a bunch of pictures with little black or white bars, because it is "partially censored", that makes sence.Thank you for showing me that article, it answers a lot of my questions. And sorry for making you upset, I did not mean to.
Don't worry, I don't think Maya Iincho is upset at you.

Any of us would be if you keep on asking about censoring like +10 times, even though it was widely explained ;3
Maya Iincho is more irritated than angry.

I actually don't remember the exact amount of time, but i can at least remember 4-5 of them.
There is the law against 3D porno in Japan, but noone can tell uncensored 2D is illegal or not.
Since comercial puburication associtation (? I don't know the correct name) started censoring 2D porn, It became the common rule (not the genaral law).
Some artists add censorships with his ironical expression, so you can see lots of rediculous censorships.