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animal_ears bunny_ears cream loli nipples nopan open_shirt pantsu string_panties tail yoshioka_takahiko yuri

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O.o omg where is that place and how do i get there!?
It's heaven, you can get there when you die IF you've been a good boy (and judging from the way you're looking at this image you haven't been that)
hevean = loliyuriland :D
hell = machofagtopia D:
midzki speaks ultimate truth.
midzki said:
hevean = loliyuriland :D
hell = machofagtopia D:
Lol, you gave heaven and hell shitty names. They sound like pedobear alternatives to Disneyland. To me, machofagtopia would be, like, the waiting room where they decide where to send you. With loliyuriland, it depends. Shio-chan would have to be there fully-clothed and the yuri would have to be tasteful (not tasty D:<). Otherwise, screw loliyuriland, I'm going to bishieland.
I don't stop you to go that bishieland.
I'll be here not heaven nor hell though ;p
I know what it is midzki, I was mentioning it because it's what this pic reminds me of ;p