bikini matsunaga_kouyou swimsuits

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all the pics of this artist feel like they were traced from photos
Considering some of the subject matter that's a pretty troubling thought.
my guess is the artist uses 3d models
What a truly unpleasant thought... I hope you are wrong, Hermes.
It's a girl in a swimsuit.
How bad can that be?
I think Hermes etc are referring to other pictures by the same artist rather than this one in particular, and I'd have to agree that some of them would indeed be troubling if traced from photos.
afaik, most artists use reference images for basic pose and composition they lay their own characters loosely on top. given this artists caracters have the proportions of a person in a kigu head costume id would assume they are drawing anime heads onto some softcore porn and catalogue photos.
either way, "high commander of the asgard fleet in drag" if you try to suspend disbelief.
At best they use those gravure videos with underage girls in them for reference.