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C.C <3, keep only rated E images as avatar only please. So your current one will not do. Change it soon please.
aoie - Go into the users profile and click on the (edit) option next to the avatar.
Ya, i knew that. But it felt nicer asking him :)

I can imagine that, "oh wtf! my avvy changed and I don't know how"
Diplomacy only gets you so far. Try using a riot baton the next time someone does it.
I changed it. I don't bother grumbling at users about avatars, I just change them. Anyone should be able to figure it out if their avatar gets edited.
I had a experience that "oh wtf! my sole changed and I don't know how" lol
I didn't know. D:
But as long as it has C.C. in it. :3
I tilted it so the words are still in. o:
whats wrong with there heads.... someone get these girls to see a doctor! lol