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fixed lolita_fashion megane nidaime_wa_mahou_shoujo pantsu pantyhose tagme

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I fixed up this pic a bit - got rid of seam, smoothed scan textures, covered bleedthrough a bit, and fixed edges. Hopefully someone out there likes it. :-)

I'm new to this board, so I'm curious exactly how to post cleanup work... I made this a child of the originally posted image, and just added the same tags minus "crease" and "fixme". Does that sound right? Or is there a specific tag out there to indicate cleanup work I'm not aware of ("photoshop" didn't seem appropriate).

Edit: It seems I made the new pic the parent and the original the child. Hmm. I'll figure this out eventually.
Usually, the fixed version is made the parent with the tag "fixed" and "fixme" is removed off the child.

I did that for you.
Ah, ok, I was wondering how that happened, heh. Thank you, I'll remember that for next time.

I'm slowly getting a bit better at these sorts of edits, and I thought I could help out a bit as payment for some of the great pics I've grabbed from here. I'll have to think about what to work on next....
No problem. Thanks for the fix.
Very nice screening there, Dovac ^^