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blood chibi dress feet maid maria_holic miyamae_kanako seifuku shidou_mariya shinouji_matsurika trap yamamura_hiroki

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when do you tag an image with "trap"? i can't find anything in common in the "trap" images.
When one of the female characters is actually a man...
asterixvader said:
but where is the trap here
That's why they are called traps...
asterixvader said:
how do you make short links like in this post (first post)?
See http://moe.imouto.org/help/comments
Watch the show. The guy is a trap.
I like what Kanako did to trap man Mariya. HAHAHAHA the soundtrack is cool too, very religious.
So the "guy" with the bloody nose is actually a girl?
asterixvader said:
i thought of that, but where is the trap here
Radiosity said:
why, what happened to him!
Will you please use spoiler tags?