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bottomless cum nipples pussy senke_kagerou

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If it *looks* loli it gets that tag.
Though the danbooru version doesn't have a loli tag...
Nice image, and all that otaku stuff...
She's clearly not a loli, she's a hinnyuu/pettanko, aka an flat chested adult. her entire body form is screaming adult.

I personally cannot see how you can see this as a loli, beside the clotting who makes her look a bit younger.
If you've seen the freaking awesome hmanga you'll know it's loli. :3
she does look like a flat chested adult, but with a really young-looking face..
a matured bitch cosplaying junior :|
i think that who ever just came on the girl has a loli fetish, which would explain all the loli based items, and asked the girl, who is not a child, to dress up like a child
Can any one tell what the clip on her shirt may say?
her name which is Ikejiri sayaka she is in the 6th grade and the second gumi or group of that grade for that school and that the school is an elementary school which goes with the bag