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amonrei said:
Best Horo fanart ever.
Sure !
tony² does great art of her, too
I love T2 but this one is just breathtakingly awesome. The details and texture... I enlarged and rotated it to be my wallpaper and it somewhat looks like a Renaissance art lol. :V
My current iphone wallpaper, and i love it!

edit. petopeto, do you any more of this kind of art in particular?
I wish more people made pics like this
Now THAT is a god I could worship.
The body is really good, but the eyes should be less sharp... It's not matching the type of coloring from the rest of the picture... D:
*being a jerk* x.x
Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick...The Sage Wolf has awesome fans
Oh my God, how come i miss this horo's art!
This is by FAR~ the best! It's unique that even though she's nude, its not an ero, kinda like those roman statues of men and women
The MOST AWESOME painting that I saw in my ENTIRE life
The perfection is here, I have no word for this beauty >^ᴥ^<
IT IS awesome!
Nice Horo ,incredible art!
I love this painting. I forgot who painted it. It's a guy on though. Maybe you can find him and thank him for it. Now that I think of it I will use it for my iPhone wallpaper ^_^ right now it's just some... Thing... Just checked. It's a giant question mark !YAY FOR NEW WALLPAPER!!! I've known about this for a while, so I'm not sure what to say. Except why did you read this? Haha. It was worth your time I hope. Have a good life. That's worth your time, right? See ya.
Restarter: It was painted by simosi. He does have a dA account in addition to his personal website and Pixiv.
Nice. Really Nice. He (she) is like Kamal ol Molk or even DAVINCHINO
Handsome_Boy said:
Wow It feels like it's real
dont you mean looks real?
come to think about it this is my favorite image of her in the site
It looks like an Art Painting
This is absolutely beautiful O:
kanone said:
vampire wolf?
just wolf
The jerk that said the eyes should be less sharp dosnt understand the meannig behind her expression the artist is covaying surprise mixed with slight animal instint with possible wantting.