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what's that thing she's holding?
Looks like a mini water squirter to me.
Think it's the water squirter.
A very phallic water squirter.
I've never seen a water squirter that looks like that (not saying one couldn't exist).

Since everybody seems to that is what it is, how would it work without a handle or trigger?

What would that thing on the bottom that looks like a propeller be for?

Where would water squirt out from?
Uh, there IS a trigger/squirter. It's just in front of her breast.
OK, lets assume that is a trigger/squirter. I'm still having trouble visualizing how it would work. I see a tube, no handle, what you say is a either trigger or squirter, and the propeller looking thing on the bottom which I have no idea what the function is.

Could someone link me a real one that is designed like this? I'm familiar with water guns, but without a handle this must be something a bit different.
First thing I thought of was toy submarine too. Probably one of those old-timey baking-powder powered ones.
That is exactly what I was thinking of. I remember having those wind-up baking-powder powered submarines during my early childhood.

Yet, I'm still curious if there is some new-fangled water squirter I have never seen before.
Squirting your friends with water is an accepted tradition at the beach in anime and eroge. A cute and sexy girl playing with a toy submarine..... not so much. Context is a wonderful thing ^^ And you can get water squirters that look like that, they're not all the classic 'waterpistol' shape. Example, a doctor who themed sonic screwdriver one:
I think I'll just chalk it off as an inaccurate drawing... Unless you are implying it is a submarine themed water squirter, and the location where water would be filled up & squirted out is hidden on the opposite side.

I do think I can agree with your assessment that the artist likely intended it to be a water squirter, but avoided drawing parts he/she had difficulty drawing correctly.
The trigger/squirter in front of her breast looks like a snorkel mouthpiece to me. Futuristic diving equipment a la hikari_to_mizu_no_daphne?
Hmm, actually that's another reasonable assumption, given anime mouths are generally tiny, a small breather would be logical :)