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bra breasts hizashi_no_naka_no_real loli masturbation nipples open_shirt pantsu tsutsumi_kinuka yukiyoshi

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I did not know there were so many girls who liked to have fun with tables XDDD
It's a bit of a surprise to me too, but I guess people don't really talk about masturbation much. Even so, it seems like the edge of a table would hurt.
People? More like women. Men always speaks a lot about fap. And masturbating with a table is pretty common in H-mangas.
Shanyy said:
pretty common in H-mangas.
mostly written by males
bakaneko said:
mostly written by males
You would be shocked if you knew how many of the artists actually are females :P yeah quite a chunk is.
for real, more than half of adult's mangakas are females if it's count yaoi and other likes. you know, 2/3 of circle's members participating comiket are female.

Also since the moe style drawing is developed by female, probably about 1/3 of artists in eroge companies are female.