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For this book,
Auto-crop scan at 300dpi
Batch filtering with Greycstoration GUI (-dt 10 -p 0.3 -a 0.6 -alpha 3 -sigma 0 -fast false)

Lazy processing ^^
btw, I found filtering Greycstoration 2times with completely defferent parameters is really effective.

for example,
1st(-dt 10 -p 0.2 -a 0.6 -alpha 3 -sigma 0 -fast false)
2nd(-dt 30 -p 0.2 -a 1.0 -alpha 0 -sigma 3 -fast false)

1st setting is reducing moire, & 2nd setting is smoothing edges.
The point is setting -alpha and -sigma separately.
I'll show the example image later.