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Where should one save these pictures of these inmates?

Are they related to any of the art book?

Or are just screen captures?
Postcards from the Complete Best music collection.
how come she can stand? :P
dinora12 said:
how come she can stand? :P
They propped her up
Superglued her to the wall.
Radiosity said:
Superglued her to the wall.
Ouch! No wonder Lelouch looks so ticked. No wait, he almost always looks that way...

Of course, if we're looking for ridiculous suggestions, I can name a few:

1. They put her on a stick.
2. They hung her from the ceiling, but the strings are too thin to see.
3. That butterfly on her neck is actually an anti-gravity device (it does have wings after all), and she's being hung up by her neck (that's got to hurt - they better make the mugshot quick if they want her to last).
4. This is a mugshot of the "actors" in costume rather than the actual characters. The "actress" who played her really can walk.
5. She's just cool that way.