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fate/hollow_ataraxia fate/stay_night karen_ortensia takeuchi_takashi type-moon undressing

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Which book is this from?
It's at the top here: http://typemoon.org/event/c75/index.htm. I saw another version of this picture, with her wearing black tights. They were so similar I thought it was the same one.
Is there a chance to see it scanned :3 ( Velen got it maybe ) ?
I think it's not from the C75 =___=a
I'm sorry, I don't have the book (or even a scanner). These were all scanned by Suemura from AP. I got them from Danbooru and MT.

Since they're all from the same book, I made a pool.
Suemura's scans have no trace of repainting, but he is uploading many non-crease poster scans before the books come out at general book stores.
I felt been beaten by him a bit ^^
Does that Typemoon thing have more Sakura pics? ;__;