5_nenme_no_houkago kantoku kurumi_(kantoku) seifuku tutorial

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Could someone translate this ?,or at least give explanation. i have difficult time to understand step (7-8) and(11-14)
Hi! I'm trying to translate this, because I think it's very used this type of pattern in manga drawing.
'Till now, I've translate the step 11, but I'm going to translate the entire page.
I have just a little request, if is possible, scans the pages at the max resolution , I know this can seem already big, but I need at least 600 dpi to make a translation. (I have my 'tools' and tips that help me, but I need really high resolution scans ;)) )

Ok,now... I also know my English is not the best as you can see, but I hope the 'concept' is clear enough.. ^^'

Another note: since I'm not an expert in Japanese language, it may possible that I could understand a different meaning of some kanji... when I'm not sure, I'll add an * or a note about it! ^^

Oh! A last note, sometimes even the Japanese texts are wrong XD I've found some mistyped, like for example when the Japanese tutorial says
"Click Ctrl + Alt + SHIT " instead of "SHIFT" ! LOL XDDD

Ok, here the step 11!


The step 7 -8 that I'm going to translate/refine
says something like

to click once again Ctrl + Alt + ShiFt (not shit as it says the tutorial lol ) the layer after being transformed in a group.)

And step 8 says something like to color/paint the series of selected (objects/lines) and bring the Opacity at 60%, after that, to highlight each portion of the intersecated lines.