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bathing g-taste nipples noda_yuko pubic_hair screening see_through wet_clothes yagami_hiroki

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g-taste 4,5 has the best scan quality from all the gtaste volumes i found (still looking for 7 though)
with a bit of photoshop this should easily look better than the other
Not really my sort of thing, but I'm sure someone would want them. Are you going to upload 4 & 5 ?
4,5 , not 4 and 5! ;)
(4 and a half, no idea why they came up with that numbering like a best of of 4+5)

Ill probably start to massily upload all my artist collections and rest of pireze up to moe starting mid-end february

once i get my new quad ill start creating my own vectors too
Is it just me or does she have a really tiny head and huge body. It just looks... off.
Which is why I don't like this artist.
i know an artist which is way more extreme
horiki draws rather realistic so i dont mind

depending on height the head is only 1/8 - 1/10th of the body anyways