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dragon_shiryu male saint_seiya

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Edited every new SS picture. Some of them had tagging mistakes, but oh well, that's why I'm here :3

Thanks, Radioactive. Where did you find them? :3
The AnimePaper site was 'ripped' All those scans (Not their property) were then given over to the community at large free of charge.

Basically a big 'fuck you' to AnimePaper.
lol K

Gonna keep on uploading stuff later? :3
Yeah. I'm gonna let Radiosity finish off his more of his Mikazuki Akira uploads. It'll be rude of me to flood the index.
Why thank you :) Got some more to up that aren't nanoha-related but I'll do those later, need a break from tagging. All done for now.
kyoushiro said:
lol K

Gonna keep on uploading stuff later? :3
I'm done now. Most of the scans were not worth uploading.
lol K Gonna upload some more stuff myself later :)