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These files were originally in jpg and were downloaded from

The person who uploaded it in g/1549304/e469c80903/ was downloaded them from but then convert them from pdf to png with aliasing. Uploader comment was
From pdf. There is jpg version included in the pack which is higher resolution with some colour difference but the file size is >20mb so I will try to convert it to png to make it uploadable."

Then the same person later convert the better quality jpg into png in g/1549280/7cf21831fd/. Again the uploader comment
This is converted from the jpg version and has higher resolution than my previous upload g/1549280/7cf21831fd/. Most of the images are originally in double-pages in jpg version."

So, these were the original images without any convert.
I hope that the moderator who judges this reads your comment before deleting something or not, and Kiyoe don't be hypocritical, I'm almost sure that you are still uploading upscaled images from twitter and not even talking about scans with bad quality..
Or it was just a revenge from Kiyoe for the deleted images? Hopefully not.
Yes those are the jpeg files included in the source mentioned above. That the images are in CMYK should give some indication this needs some more investigation before flagging.

Additionally the comment in the gallery linked already mentioned those are converted from jpeg.

And lastly, I don't know how the gallery uploader managed to fuck up extracting from pdf so badly like that. Plain extraction from my side doesn't produce those horrible images.
I think he/she might be thinking g/1549280/7cf21831fd/ was the best source without reading the uploader's comment.
Kiyoe doesn't even read the comments here so I wouldn't be surprised... and it's he

BattlequeenYume said:
Or it was just a revenge from Kiyoe for the deleted images? Hopefully not.
sometimes he has done it but who knows this time