abhar ass deep_blue_sky_&_pure_white_wings feet game_cg misaki_kurehito nakano_hinata no_bra pantsu

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i'm sure i favorited this pic some months ago, but it's not there.
Peto could have deleted it(or someone else) of minor variation between the older one and this one here due to this one being of better quality and/or dimensions.

I remember that older one too.
Ooo how popular this one is ^^ 39 votes so far. Which is also leading in popularity for the month.

Now go listen to "Rurutia - Magnolia No Joukei"
It's just a vote transfer.
syaoran-kun said:
In b4 JP
Damn, someone already beat it to me. D:
\\(^_^)// happy。beautiful。thank you。
One of the most moe pics on this board.
( - _, -) (2?) hahaha