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tengokuno said:
Are you 12 years old?
No worries, a man-embrace is never gay! ...>_>;;
No I mean generally, Kishimoto doesn't consider it enough to make most female characters in the series seem powerless against a man but he is so misogynic (just like the ancient greeks) that he considers these two men so superior that they don't deserve women. This doesn't come necessarily from this image; it just reminded me of this aspect.-_-
Seems I am the only one who has no problem with them being gay :D ? Well, I actually don't consider them gay. I just think they are in love with each other and thus sexually attraction comes into play.

You know, there is sexdrive that causes you to want some, and there is love that causes you to want some. Nothing wrong with that in my book :D.
The question 'Are you gay?' doesn't a simple Yes/No answer. The real question should be 'How gay are you?'

Perhaps this should be discussed in the forum?
I don't know if I got your question the wrong way, but I don't see how my sexual preference has anything to do with Naruto, its plot or its relationships within. You don't have to feel the same way as people do to see their relationship in a special way, no ?
LOL, okay, whatever XD.
I didn't want to pick up a fight, sorry if it seemed like that.
I was trying to say that homosexuality isn't simply black and white. It should be on a sliding scale.

I wasn't trying to be rude...