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No, shaa didn't draw this..the anime artwork artist is a different person.
Really? I was under the impression Shaa did the designs for the anime as well.'s rare for the artist themselves to do anime drawings. Mostly it's just some other animator coping from their original style, hence "character design".

キャラクターデザイン 石野 聡 << animu chara design

キャラクター原案 しゃあ << original chara design (dengeki novels)

from Haruka animu page.
Original artist almost never draw the anime...

Cause... they are too busy trying to beat the dead line for their next chapter ^^

chunli said:
Artist --> Shaa :3
ANN is a good source, but don't always rely on it ^^
I didn't mean drew the actual anime, I just meant she did the original designs for the anime version. Guess not though. Either way it doesn't matter, the anime designs are really nice and actually pretty faithful to Shaa's awesome designs :)