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asahiage chainsaw mecha_musume poco thighhighs

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Where did you get your hands on this artbook?
bought from a second-hand doujinshop.
Looks awesome, is it original work or from an anime/manga?
Sakurazaki said:

Looks awesome, is it original work or from an anime/manga?
her model is one from VIRTUAL-ON, others are originals.
if there is the game Virtual-on with Mini skirt chainsaw girls, I'll buy it :)
(I'm not into normal mecha :P)
Radioactive said:
Damn. Can I buy it off you?
you can get it from here :3
Buy in bulk :)

Don't buy them all now, save a copy for me ^^
(before aoie ordered from there, some amr stuffs were gone because of me & dovac :3)
I got about 9-12 AMR doujin, so their selection should be even lower now :)
How long do they take to get back to you? I placed an order from them last night for a Shikabane Hime Gashuu and I haven't heard anything yet...
Well... when I ordered mine, it was about 1am and my email said 6:30am. So for me it was 5hours for the order to go thru then he asked for a bit of time to make sure they are stocked.

Either way, the span are usually around a 8-12 hour response time.