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izumi_kanata? that's how konata's mother was called?
Kudos to whoever vectored this. Good job!
Guys, what specific programs do you use for vectoring? Some have told me they stuck with Photoshop (because of the Pen Tool), others have said vectoring is Illustrator's bitch. So which is better?
Photoshop sucks for vectoring, but its awesome to color vecs

Illustrator is the industry standard, however Inkscape does a great job for beginners, too.
Plus ink is free ...
Are you sure you don't mean Illustrator? Photoshop has a vector-like tool, but it can't save as a vector format.
No, you CAN make vector images in Photoshop (with the Pen Tool), but from what I understand, it's a lot easier in Illustrator.
You can only save paths in PS, not vectorized shape layers.
Yes, you can make 'vector images' through that, but it's a shitty and cumbersome way to do it compared to using Illustrator.
PS is often used for fixed sized images (read : Wallpaper) though.

However enlarging your hours of work in PS to a size of lets say >>630 is NOT possible...
You had to start at that size , which will most likely kill your memory ^^

You can make vectorized shape layers in Photoshop (Pen Tool), it's just not as powerful as in Illustrator.
read above: you can make vectors in photoshop but you can only save the paths. it's not the same, since you cannot use the vector in case you need to add-erase things (or make it bigger, since it's a vector, resolution is not a problem. instead, in photoshop, it depends on the size you made the paths)

remember: paths =! vector
But you can make the size of your paths bigger. O_o
but still it's not the same :3
photoshop: photo editing
illustrator: vector editing
as soon as you fill your paths with color youre gonna get fucked up
see : http://img130.imageshack.us/img130/8250/testcsfm1.jpg