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I'm still waiting for Robotech Frontier :3

*in before rage*

Not like such thing may happen. Robotech's continuity is very different now, after the Shadow Chronicles movie (awesome, BTW).

Or well, who knows. If they ever adapt Frontier as part of Robotech I wouldn't complain, LMAO. Less japanese (absurd) drama and more occidental points of view = win for me.
kyoushiro said:
Robotech's continuity
Very funny.
No, it's not :D It's serious, specially because Robotech > Macross :3
Where do you live? I just need to go fetch an angry mob.
Radioactive said:
I just need to go fetch an angry mob.
Can I lead it?
I'll supply the pitchforks and flaming torches.
You'll probably have everything stolen and maybe you'll also get some free "visits" while coming here :D