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Coz that person is my hero now.

MAH KOTOMI ;__; <3
That's definitely an amazing photoshop. Without looking at the parent post, I certainly never would have figured out what they changed and if you hadn't said anything, I wouldn't have realized that it was a photoshop (unless I had happened to look at the parent post). Now, the hat and the baseball bat make more sense in the original, but they still fit here well enough that it works quite well. This is an amazing photoshop job indeed.
I wonder if it actually is a photoshop? Swapping out backgrounds and clothes is pretty simple to do for the original artist, since everything is in layers anyhow. But that would be insanely hard to do as a 'shop. Besides... most shops I've seen tend to *remove* bathing suits instead of adding them. ;-)
It's definitely a shop. Look closely around the edges of the lines, especially Kyou's hair. There are still some (minor) remnants of the original scan.

Really great job regardless. Love the watermelon.
kyoushiro said:
His name is M3 from Moeren bbs. since I saw one of his fix (post #47590), I found I can never be match him, and he became one of my most respectable photoshopper.
Fucking pro.... damn good work.
Should I watch Clannad? AIR was pretty okay and so was Kanon thou sad as usual..
Feito said:
Should I watch Clannad?
Really really awesome work :)
there's just a slightly difference in color between this picture and the original, wow!