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aquanauts_of_a_morning_calm fizz minazuki_haruka seifuku wallpaper

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OTL, I thought it was Tomoyo.....
fireattack said:
OTL, I thought it was Tomoyo.....
kiowa said:
OTL, I thought it was Tomoyo..... +1 XD
ORZ,I thought it was child Tomoyo...
One of the things that's always bothered me about most artists is that they draw bangs transparent...
Well... there's little ways to conquer this.

1. LIke Sonicshadow avvy, to cut the bangs off at the top of the eye lids
2. Goes transparent like this artist

Not too many artist draws the bangs in front of the eyes cause one of the most important features is the eye itself :)

ps: The above the hair eye brows is more awkward than the bangs ^^