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amano_yoki animal_ears cleavage ikkitousen ikkitousen~dragon_destiny~ megane nekomimi ryuubi_gentoku screening tail thighhighs

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anyone got those two (3429) bigger ?
I've stuck a vectored version of one on 4chan /hr/ (It was lurking on my HDD)

It sucks - http://orz.4chan.org/hr/res/164286.html
Hard to tell. Animepaper scans can suck badly...
6470 and 6471 werent accepted... and no, i wont upload the 11mb raws again
MDGeist, your raws were crappy quality and were subsequently very very quickly deleted. We can see the quality and we're pretty picky about it as you might as well know, so please refrain from wasting our time. Besides, don't you have some 4chan trolling to do?
Define crappy :
7443 x 5254 doesnt seem that bad, considering this 1831er version is just a resize...
The size doesn't matter. It is the quality of the scan that is important.
Resize the 11mb raws to 19xx and youll see, they are the same!