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Radioactive said:
They'll end up getting tagged as duplicates...
i think this one is best... downsized to 600dpi (like the first) its a bit sharper, isnt it ?
guess scan quality is also hugely dependand on paper quality, as the dina3 image simply sucks mayor balls...
I actually prefer the other one. You might want to drop the resolution down a bit so they are identical.

There is some dirt on the scan you should touch-up post-scan.
billinear or bicubic or lanczos resize ?
Have a search on Google for a definitive answer. I would say use Lanczos to shrink the larger scan.
it depends on noise level of scan.
if scan has blured edges and no noise, lanczos3 will be best.
but it has noise, lanczos enhances noise. bilinear or bicubic smoother will work in this case.

don't use lanczos on gimp because of its bad quality. it may be something broken.