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Uh? What's the difference between this and all those other Kotomi pictures already posted? Looks the same to me.
Not sure at the moment. I'll have a closer look when I de-dupe.
Yesterday was my birthday.

Celebrate nao.

Feliz cumpleaños mi amor ^^
Oooo! Kyoushiro-kun! Happy late birthday!
My compliments! I wish the best for you. You deserve it, friend!
Happy birthday! I hope that everything you wished for came true or will in time to come. : )
Feito said:
Feliz cumpleaños mi amor ^^
Okay you win D:

lol j/k thanks.

So... who will make vector? :3
I'd love to help, but I don't know how to make vectors... Sorry.

Good luck for who's making it!
Maybe Azarel could help... He's good at it.
Feito said:
Feliz cumpleaños mi amor ^^
You... know spanish?

By the way, kyoushiro, feliz cumpleaños! Toma tu regalo (aunque creo que ya lo viste).

And what a regalo.


Feito knows a bit of spanish IIRC, even though she's from... uh... an european country (forgot which).
kyoushiro said:

Don't shout, someone could hear.
A vector from this? would take a lot of time and to speak the truth, I wouldn't call myself that good... also time is exactly what I don't have at the moment: I have school, projects of my own and other stuff. So I'd suggest you try to find someone else to do the job
Sorry for suggesting you without asking you first, Azarel.

I'm very busy too!