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I havn't done color adjustment from scratch before, and I don't have any particular eye for color, so I figured I'd post a few samples for comment before I finalized it.

I also posted an earlier revision of each, with a bit less of a gamma shift: I kept pulling it down and down and I started getting nervous that I was overdoing it, since the book really is very light, but it's still very close and I think the darker ones do look better on a monitor. (My monitor is very bright, which could be a factor, but it's gamma that was being pulled down, not brightness.)

So, open for input, especially if you have the book to compare. post #65103 (+post #65102), post #65101 (+post #65100), post #65105 (+post #65104).
if you wanted to use the color correction from that scanner vs the posts, we did a test, with the color correction filter you got more noise, specially it added a pink layer over the entire picture, so the dessision there was that the color filter wasn't worth it for the supposed 'better' color when it turned out worser in the end. They maybe are good for some scanners or if you never want to edit your pics later.

as for the pictures itself, they feel a bit tad to smothed out and a bit washed out due that.
Off topic, but Mugi Mugi if you're the doujinshi database guy, thank you sooo much, because I couldn't buy doujinshi without that site \o/
I don't really follow what you're saying, but it doesn't look washed out to me--the children do, to varying degrees...

The gamma can go lower without looking "wrong", but it starts to look significantly darker than the book, and I'm not sure where the best balance is.