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bra breasts clochette garter garter_belt nipples oshiki_hitoshi pantsu stockings suzunone_seven takatori_yuzuri thighhighs

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So this was probably my first real fix, that is... if it's even allowed to be called that. I have no idea what that "stain" is... And I don't tend to wanna find out either... Please rate/comment, I need to know what I did wrong/could've done better.

I know I screwed up with cloning by the hair/shadow (as seen on the left pigtail) Also her stockings were a tad hard to clean up >.<

edit: typo's
One point.
some filtering kills contrast, especially on shadow areas.
better to use tone curve to enhance contrast on shadow area before filtering (e.g. http://img4.imageshack.us/img4/3865/clipboard1.png)
Any sort of smooth-type filtering invariably will destroy or degrade fine details to some degree, such as the blush lines on cheeks. You should mask off these sorts of areas before you filter. Then, you can apply a more lightweight filter to those areas if needed.

The good news is, there's lots and lots of pics of varying difficulty to practice on. I'm working on a rather difficult one right now (at least for me) with post #63993. :-)