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hiiragi_kagami loli lucky_star naked nipples panty_pull pussy uncensored wave_ride

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Which Overdrive is this from?
If anything, probably his newest set "Over Drive 13", but I am not sure. "Lucky Star" may be too new, so it may be included in volume 14. Speaking of which, where did you get those large images you posted just after mine? I've been looking for "Over Drive 13" everywhere, please let me know if you find it.
The Lucky Star images he's done aren't from any collections. If we're lucky there might be some on Over Drive 14 that's scheduled for the next comiket.
Lord Satorious - The image was from Over Drive 13 but I've lost the link to the torrent. Folder name is (同人CG集) [OVER DRIVE] OVER DRIVE 13 HD (ロストユニバース、ゼロの使い魔、クロノクルセイド)