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This one was hard (both on mind and soul..). I only had the boots in my head when i spotted this pic, as i happened to "have been" a xeon-gear/saga-fan before they totally screwed up what they were supposed to have done in the first place.

5-6 "episodes" were cut down 3 with horrible oversea dubbing (or so I heard) they even switched VA's for the ep 2 and 3 in the English versions unless I'm wrong? This story was meant for the PS3 IMO. It's like trying to fit LoTR story line (/w bilbo and simi) on a single DVD. They cut down the story to like what 10%? and the battle mode was horrible. The animation suffered even more as it only brought down the first game to about 12~ eps with one of the worst animators I've seen in my life...

R.I.P Namco none-Tales of~ RPG... R.I.P
Xenosaga was too pretentious, and it had the horrible detail that most of the time you were seeing cinemas. Battle system was nice but the overall pace of game totally killed my interest.
Xenosaga 2 killed it for me. Just lost interest after that.