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Added Reimu, Suika, Remilia, Aya, and Cirno.

Cirno is not one of the girls I know so much of 7.5 & 10.5.....but I have seen her in most images and my little research on Touhou I'm pretty sure that's her...even without the color. Anyone can correct me if I'm wrong of course.

As for this tagme tag...I think that tag is for images that need to be character tags, setting tags and such. Translation tag is seperated.....but I won't put that here...I'm a little curious but not 50% curious to put it here. Of course someone else can.

Since I just named the characters, I think it would be okay if I removed the tagme tag right? So delete I will.........unless there's more to it than characters.....which I don't see.........
Yes you should remove the "tagme" tag if the character and artist are all taged.