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I thought the plane on this picture is the same one as the F-14 look-a-like I commented on before (post #66333). But this IS an F-14. The real one. Are you sure this is from Macross? Never seen/played the anime/game. Just curious.
Although not shaped like any VTF I know, they both have the UN Spacy symbols on the wings.
EDIT: After I posted this I realized that in Macross Zero (set some years before SDF Macross), they used f-14s.
Ah, thanks. I searched around and found that Macross have lots of planes that resemble real life planes. If only the planes don't shapeshift into robots every now and then I'd probably watch the whole series.
In the Macross universe, before the VF series were developed using the Zentradi technology in Macross Zero, real life planes were used, UN Spacey were using F-14s while the other side were using Mig-29s, and yes alot of the valkyrie mecha creations were inspired by real planes, F-14 inspired the VF-1, Su-27 inspired the VF-11, F-117 inspired the VF-17, YF-23 inspired the YF-21, X-29 inspired the YF-19 although it closely resembles the Su-47