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breasts crease cum fixme miyama-zero nipples nopan

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tried processing instead :)
resized 800dpi at 400dpi.
maybe color adjustment isn't best yet :(

I have to redo color adjustment tommorow. jpeg messed up color histogram, and my eyes are sleepy... >_<
please keep raws alive for you to tell yourself what are fixable or not.
even though those visible quality is horrible, but potential quality is enough high :)
They need to be tagged to avoid deletion.

Low-res/low-quality scans we need for the wiki should (hopefully) be flagged with with 'wiki' but what about this kind of scan? Use RAW as a (fault) tag if someone is actually processing it?

It raises a few awkward questions.
hey, can mods revive their raws?
if there arn't raws, my try is meaningless >_<

Radioactive said:
It raises a few awkward questions.
Someone else has restored them.