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Is there a creepy tag? I don't suppose we have a tag for posts of non-humans either, haha.
Guro ? I could hide it from the index so it would only be easily accessible from the pool.
Eh, guro would be a bit extreme for this. It just gave me the willies a little, so I'd be fine with hiding it from the index.
I thought guro was also for grotesque images?

Guro isn't in the default blacklists yet (Which is why I haven't undeleted a certain controversial image)
Yeah, it is, but this post didn't exactly fit the image of grotesque I had in my head. This is more like...bad horror movie (with some creepiness on the side)? Maybe I need to go redefine that.
Should we be using the red_hue fault tag as well?
Radioactive said:
Should we be using the red_hue fault tag as well?
Probably. I thought it was just his coloring style at first, but compared to his pictures on pixiv, these scans seem a little pinkish. Not terrible though.
I'll let you carry on tagging. I will start unhiding them tomorrow.
Don't mind the flag, accidentally clicked on the link.
Worry not. I've approved it.

(I always forget to look at the 'comments' mod queue)
Maybe use a monster tag for this and similar images?
Hum... a monster tag... I wonder if we used this one, it would be descriptive enough for users to understand.

I would hate to use it and others would be using this for grotesque stuff.