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blood mecha_musume nopan noxizmad police_uniform pussy uncensored underboob

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Not sure about these. I'll delete them if inappropriate.
I personally do not like this one
hmm, maybe better as wallpaper ?
I'd consider a better place to decorate with this would be the recycle bin ;p
Not moe once so ever...

ps: Unless you're into that kind of thing...
i wuv bloody~
but, i think i'll pass for this one
art quality is good. so it depends on it can fit on moe or not. only dovac can judge :P
however, I personally think it has a slight worth keeping because these kind of painting works are interesting for who using paint tools.
Radioactive said:
I'll delete it tomorrow.
I'm not so sure now....
midzki said:
lol 5 scored
Explicit/Questionable always get good scores even if the image quality is low.