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This generation looks better.
Is there a guide to nationality/name for these ones?
Left to right:
Giuseppina Cienni - Italy - Romagnan Air Force
Ayaka Kuroe - Japan - Fuso Imperial Army
Tomoko Anabukki - Japan - Fuso Imperial Army
Wilma Bishop - England - Royal Faraway Land Air Force
Helma Lennartz - Germany - Karsland Air Force
Hanna-Justina Marseille - Germany - Karsland Air Force
Junko Takei - Japan - Fuso Imperial Navy
Nikka Edvardine katajainen - Finland - Suomus Air Force
Heidemarie W. Schnaufer - Germany - Karsland Air Force
wilma = lynette's sis or something?
pheranchis said:
wilma = lynette's sis or something?
Strange that there is no witch from the United States of Liberion, Gallia, Orussia Empire.
Actually I know they are Strike Witches' characters, but I've never seen them before in the Anime... is it in season 2 or in manga(I don't know whether they have manga or not)?
is this from the manga or something?