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I hope that you weren't serious about the initial tags, or rather, I want to believe.
What do you refer to as wet? A person actually being wet (i.e from rain, water splash etc) or a person, in this case a woman being sexually aroused?
I think that people are using it for both, but it probably should only be used in the second case. Or at least there should be two different tags since they refer to vastly different things.
Personally I'd use wet to refer to a woman who's been drenched (soaking wet clothes for example). Women/girls in these pictures tend to be wet down there so often I don't see much point tagging it specifically ;p
Wet should be used in the term as Radiosity is talking about and not "sexually aroused" like some may have interperruted it to be. From my understanding, that's how it should be.
Yeah, I agree with that. Should we just delete wet from the sexually aroused ones or replace it with another tag?
Was there ever a consensus on this?

edit: bah this make me even more confused now that I think of it's other meanings :p