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Visti? Did you accidentally tag her name as ruru=guno=janus=enfinus while you were tagging it, with the equal sign or was that on purpose?
That's how the tag was under Related Characters. It's only tagged with Ruru on Danbooru, so I dunno if it's right or not.

Anyone know if these names for wiz_anniversary are supposed to have the equal signs in them?
Yes, though the official naming in WizAni all use equals, they actually still mean spaces on western names written in katakana. The use of equals there show the texts are more geared to japanese. I suggests to use spaces for westerns.
Yeah, it's mostly because japanese has no spaces, so they use the equals sign to denote spaces between character names. Spaces should be used instead for tags.
Ok, I'll change them to spaces. Thanks.
I did not know that about the Japanese Language ^^

At least this is topic is cleared :)