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futaki_kanata garter_belt hinoue_itaru key little_busters! na-ga naked nipples no_bra open_shirt pantsu panty_pull stockings thighhighs tokido_saya

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Damn dovac...where are you finding these? Also I see your name pop up a lot.

Popular or most contributed I guess.
HOLY-...Sorry Boss Radioactive. You're the first. Overlord dovac is second. Geez...you people are outstanding.
I'll reach at 1000 soon =D
It is the quality that counts, not the quantity.
btw, "joined 1.4 years ago" isn't correct?
The counter was reset back then. I've lost track on how long I've been posting here...

If you see any images from 'anonymous' they are probably mine.
Can I also assume that Radioactive and dovac are the first original members of moe...right?
I remember Boon/Vita being around before I stopped being anonymous. Petopeto appeared after me.
Well that's admiring. Thanks for the information.
And I thought I was old :(
Oh, great. I saw my name in the first page...

And, what's the meaning of “% pos”?
% positive votes for uploads. We don't do % negatives.
According to the join date which isn't very precise.


All of the Mods and Admin have been here almost since the beginning. Then there's a few members who are still active since then too. But the data isn't very accurate, the join date that is.
.............................................oh.....I see.........well I guess there is no true way of knowing.

Something glitchy or whatever must have happened for the data to be reset.
Only dovac would (may) know. We've had the occasional glitch during site upgrades.
Post/popular goes back to August 2006
There was some migration issues when we upgraded from a super old danbooru code to something more recent....
I remember a large amount of scans disappearing during that migration...