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akiyama_mio ch@r k-on! lolita_fashion pantyhose wallpaper

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They just about might as well have name her Moe instead of Mio. Of course, every girl in K-ON pretty much drips moe all over the place, but Mio seems to have it going particularly strongly.
I felt that the moe kinda flooded out of my monitor. I guess drip could work too.
I suppose that it is more of a flood than a drip. In either case, for a nice, semi-fancy word, she definitely _exudes_ moe quite strongly. Going by the number of pictures posted of her that I've seen on various sites, she's definitely the most popular girl of the new anime shows this spring.
Her popularity made me come to hate her, but it's still pretty hard to hate her because she plays the bass.
I would have thought that she'd be hard to hate simply because of how moe and adorable she is. I guess that I can understand disliking a character or show because everyone thinks that it's great (especially when it's not quite as good as everyone says it is), but I generally try and avoid having other people's opinions on characters and shows have much to do with whether I like them or not.

As for Mio, she was almost instantly my favorite character from K-ON, hands down, and I don't expect that to change. I was somewhat surprised by her popularity (though in retrospect, I probably shouldn't have been), but I still like her nonetheless.
I call Mio "moe chimera" her character patched from so many moe elements that she don't have any original character of her own. I still think she is moe and like her but Yui is best imo.