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cleavage nanao_naru towel waitress

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I finished miyama-zero's artbook. then, shall I start Dengeki June isuues ?

ps: I'd like to say please stop adding extra goods on mags. I have to pay 1980yen each issue >_>
Additional goods gives the magazine a hefty price tag. Same shit as the April issue :3. Although its worth for a nice issue :3
Is the extra one of those pillow cases?
last issue's dakimakura cover I didn't scan.
this issue's towel I won't scan.
Oh, I wasn't asking that. I just wanted to know what the magazine included to be so expensive. I know that dakimakuras are expensive, so I thought that it was that.

Just hope you'll scan the [THE ART OF〜] ばらスィー&よう太 :D
cheese said:
Just hope you'll scan the [THE ART OF〜] ばらスィー&よう太 :D
scanning itself already done :P