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animal_ears binding_discoloration bleed_through holo kuroda_kazuya monochrome sketch spice_and_wolf tail

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How do you fix bleed through people? This is just my first attempt to try to do it. Will have to try on coloured image later.

What I did was.
1. dupe layer and add 10% transparency
2. on the layer under it I inverted colour values and adjusted levels until I couldn't see most of bleedthrough
3. fix white balance
Not bad seeing what material you had to work with.
The initial prescanning setup is important too. Sometimes the paper is just too thin or the ink used is just too dark and avoiding it is literally impossible. For me I used a dark stock paper behind the paper being scanned to avoid some of the bleed thru.

I couldn't get much filter to work for me so I do most of the fix up thru manual work.

The most efficient tool for me has to be the:

  • Healing Brush
  • Cloning tool
  • Sometimes the smudge tool with lower than 50% strength
Neatimage with Greyscalemask can work on only bright low-freq noise. but though, skin color is alternated. selectcolor & brush on SAI is faster than readjust skin color :P
should I "unhold" it or delete?
Would be neat if someone could vector and color it :3