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Edit | Respond name is Eric..actually,, i want to use this picture for my blog... but right now, my country copyright laws are very strict so,,, can i use this picture for my blog..? i need a permission to use the photoshop to change and etc....
so,, if you are okay... can you send me E-mail..? my E-mail is .....if you are okay or not...please send me a E-mail to know what is your anwser... Thank you!!
You don't need poster's permission. You must acquire image owner/drawer(Miyama-Zero)'s permission to use the image for officially/commercially. OK?
this is from a commercial book, so this main copyright holder is commercial companies not miyama-zero.
but they have complicated copyright system which normal people couldn't understand. I have no idea to get along with them.
Ah!!...Thanks...everybody... now,, i understand how system work.....
it will be complicated to understand how to get the permission....
well... i will choose to give up....anyway....Thanks!! everybody..!!
Haha... Poor Eric XD
Sorry for that :/
Good luck with your blog...
Maybe you can just mention the name of the artist on it?